Commission Lawyer

[working place: Shanghai, China]

1.Willing to cooperate with our firm in long-term;

2. Can demonstrate professionalism, teamwork spirit and enterprising spirit, having proper interpersonal relationship;

3.At least 2 years working as a lawyer; and,

4. Is rigorous in working, owns good lawyer practice and team awareness, and is abode by the practice standards of lawyers.


[working place: Shanghai, China]

1. Is a LLM graduate or LLM student, with outstanding foreign language ability, already passed the Judicial Exam;

2. Having a solid legal foundation and competent ability of writing legal documents;

3. Can undertake certain degree of working pressure, can adapt to challenging business and the requirements of teamwork development, can demonstrate professionalism, teamwork spirit and enterprising spirit; and,

4. Can show enough care and responsibility to the work. Can study and absorb new ideas, can be hard-working to daily events, is congenial to colleague and clients, having high level of communication skills.

Law Intern

[working place: Shanghai, China]

1.In the third year of Master degree, already passed the Judicial Exam, planning to work in the law firm after graduation, having high level of writing, researching and communication skills, and can basically work full-time (those who have published on Journal will be taken under consideration first). The Internship lasts until the date of graduation. If the intern works brilliant during internship, he or she can be directly hired after graduation.

2.Otherwise, can work full-time, owning competent writing skill, and having acceptable comprehensive ability of marketing planning.


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